An internist refers a 275-lb patient with joint pain and gait abnormalities to you. Would walking in water or cycling be the most efficient exercise? Give a sample 5 day program for each type of exercise. State your reasons for not using other forms of exercise.
Please take a look at the condition and physical limitations you are dealing with in this patient. After considering these limitations, as well as the goal of training for this individual, you are to design two (2) different programs: one(1) aquatics- training based program and one(1) cycling based program.
A large portion of your grade is dependent on your ability to expand on the principles presented in the textbook, and explain the rationale for your recommendations, utilizing concepts discussed in this course (as well as other ISSA courses, if you have them at your disposal). With this in mind, choose which of the programs you developed would be more preferable for this client and explain why.

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