8.4 Play to Film

You are a film producer about to make a film version of the play the boy in the tree house by Drew Hayden Taylor. There are many things to consider when adapting a play, which is written for the stage, to the big screen. 1. Create a bulletin board with images and notes to answer all of the following production questions. Each question below should be answered with a visual image and exact answer to each question and a brief written explanation why you choose that answer Who is your targeted audience for the film? On what theme in the play will you focus in the film? What symbols, actions, or objects will you use to develop the theme? What sets will you use (inside/outside)? Where will you locate the action? What style or genre will suit this film? Who will you cast in the lead roles? Why would they do well with those roles? What significant songs or music will you use for the soundtrack? Why? 2. Create your assignment using one of these options: Google Slides PowerPoint a “pinning” site like Pinterest Magazine clippings and paper

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