Agile Project Management

(You are a project manager in an international company with more than 20,000 employees worldwide. The
company is located in different countries in Europe, South East Asia and Brazil. This company develops
different tourism concepts for large clients (theme parks, skiing areas, etc.). The normal approach at the
moment is, to develop a project after the clients briefing and the results are presented at the end. The last
projects had a very long duration of more than 6 months. The last 8 clients showed that they are not happy with
the results and that your company misunderstood the goal.
After your monthly strategy meeting with business colleagues, one of the Vice Presidents came up to you and
explained his idea in a short briefing. He heard at a conference dinner from different representatives of other
companies about a new approach called “Agile project management”. He also heard that this tool could solve
all problems in project management and wants to present this idea now to the board members in two
weeks. Unfortunately, the board members are located in different regions of the world and cannot participate in
a common meeting at the same time. Therefore, he asks you as an experienced project manager in this
company to prepare a 10 min overview about “Agile project management” and why this methodology can be
the new standard for the business projects (with pros and cons). The Vice President has an extraordinary
interest to convince the board of his idea and to commission him to implement this new approach in the
Based on this information your task now is to prepare a video for the board members (10 min) to present the
idea of your Vice President. The video should contain an overview about Agile PM and a comparison with the
waterfall method. Please take under consideration that “The Vice President has an extraordinary interest to
convince the board of his idea”, independent of your personal opinion. For a better understanding of the agile
PM approach, (internet) research in addition to the provided course material is highly recommended!)
attached also the course material ( Please prepare the document very organized so that i can read it and
record the video.)

Sample Solution