“A Better Way to Plan Your Career,”by Robert C. Pozen

  1. Robert C. Pozen in the article “A Better Way to Plan Your Career,” describes his career planning experience. a) What was nature of his experience and what does his “planning” experience suggest to you about the possible nature of career planning? What are two recommendations he highlights and describes as essential to career planning?
  2. Complete the following work values assessment. https://www.123test.com/work-values-test/

Based on your work values assessment results, list the three top values in your results (the three with the highest percentages). Next, briefly explain whether you feel that these are, or are not, reflective of your actual top values. (If not reflective of your top values, what three other values are reflective of your top values?)

  1. Peter Gibbons in Office Space seems pretty miserable in his job until he goes and sees the hypnotherapist. But if he had first come to you to ask what he should do to start engaging in planning his career, what steps would you recommend he engage in? Based on the lecture and readings, list and describe three specific things he could do to start with and explain why you are recommending them.

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