A business report concept.

Write a business report concept about Restaurant, Café, and Bar include 1) Who are your potential customers? What characteristics do your customers have? 2) Market size: how big is your potential market? What percentage of the overall market can you grab? What are the assumptions of your estimation? What are the sources of your data? You must cite appropriately and give complete references. 4) Identify some major players in the industry including direct competitors, indirect competitors, and future competitors if you can identify any. 5) Discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of your major competitors. You can use perceptual mapping method or competitive analysis grid to do a comparison. 6) How will you position yourself in the industry? What are your unique advantages? Seldom an idea/business does not have any competitor, so the important thing is how you can identify the uniqueness of your product or service. Why do customers like your product/service? What specific benefits or advantages can you provide comparing with your competitors? What is the industry structure look like?




Sample Solution