A Doll’s House performance

Use two video attachments one is based on the A Doll’s House performance in which you have to do an analysis of just the last 15 min. (1:59:00 – 2:14:00) of video and then one more video link which is about the A Doll’s House Jane Fonda final scene (6 minutes long) and do analysis for this too according to the given instruction and mostly focus on the women actor ( check reminder ).
Sources: A Doll’s House performance (1:59:00 – 2:14:00) AND A Doll’s House Jane Fonda final scene (6 minutes long), both posted to canvas

Reminder: Performance choices include

Facial expressions
Body language and position
Eye contact/direction
Voice tone and volume
Movements and gestures

Question: Offer an analysis of the performance of these two versions of the final scene of the play A Doll’s House, focusing on the female actor. Discuss the choices that each actress makes in their scene and what qualities they are trying to emphasize in their version of this same character. Then offer a personal reflection on which performance is most impactful for you, linking your reaction to the performance choices you have discussed. including MLA in-text and bibliography references.

Sample Solution