A film as art analysis

Your assignment is to do a film as art analysis and NOT a movie review. Not just an analysis of the film itself,
but of the film as it relates to being a work of art. You should be looking for imagery, poetic language, natural
environment, physical beauty, camera angles, views and even special effects. You should NOT be telling me
about the story… I have seen it… instead tell how the director used film as an art form, his use or lack of use of
color, music, scenery, images, costumes, etc. to get his point across.
The work should be typed – double spaced and properly formatted to get any credit for this assignment. No
larger than 12 font and either Times New Roman or Arial only.
On title page please include title of film, director, and main actors. There should be 2 -3 pages of writing. This is
purely an opinion paper so keep it as such, you can back your opinion with scenes, lines etc from the movie
but it needs to be your work!!
Please choose from the list below only:
1) Malena 33) Belle de Jour
2) Il Postino 34) Plein Soleil
3) Cinema Paradiso 35) Le Mepris
4) The Bicycle Thief 36) Vivre Sa Vie (my life to live)
5) Roma: Citta Aperta (open city) 37) The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
6) Respiro 38) Les Choses de la Vie
7) Senza Pelle 39) Z
8) L’Avventura 40) The Rules of the Game
9) Swept Away (Giancarlo Giannini version) 41) Claire’s Knee
10) Life is Beautiful 42) Amelie
11) 8 ½ 43) Diary of a Country Priest
12) La Strada 44) Diabolique
13) Death in Venice 45) The Last Metro
14) The Damned (Visconti version) 46) Indochine
15) Nights of Cabiria 47) The Hunger
16) Umberto D 48) Um Filme Falado (a talking film)
17) The Magdalene Sisters 49) Jean de Florette
18) All About My Mother 50) Christiane F
19) Jamon Jamon 51) Antonia’s Line
20) Kika 52) Betty Blue
21) Satyricon 53) Kolya
22) Ay, Carmela 54) The Night of the Shooting Stars
23) Last Stop Wonderland 55) Amarcord
24) Like Water for Chocolate 56) Il Monstro
25) La Cage Aux Folles 57) Seven Beauties
26) Open Your Eyes 58) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
27) Clockwork Orange 59) Ossessione
28) Eat Drink Man Woman 60) Hable con Ella (talk to her)
29) Four Weddings and A Funeral 61) Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
30) Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands 62) Sex and Lucia
31) Farinelli 63) Belle Epoque
32) Manon of the Spring 64) Vengo

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