A journal entry

Write a 1- to 1.5-page journal entry about a topic of your choice. The idea is to choose a personal or professional goal (e.g., fitness, parenting, career, etc.) and journal about the goal and your plan to pursue and achieve it. You may handwrite or type your journal, and it will not be graded for content and grammar. You are not required to share your entire journal with your faculty member. Note: If you need help starting a journal, contact your instructor for support. Your faculty member is here to help and might share ideas about how they use a journal for their own writing practice.

If you are looking for journal topic ideas, consider these possible topics:

What are your career goals?
What motivates you in your career?
What is your response to step 1, “Identify Your Attributes,” of the https://myresource.phoenix.edu/secure/resource/ENG210v1/eng210_v1_personal_branding_guide.pdf
Note: The Personal Branding Guide takes you through 5 steps to create your personal brand to use as you create your professional online presence and as you prepare your resumé or cover letter to seek a desired position. Since there are 5 steps in the guide and 5 weeks in this course, you are welcome to address 1 part per week for your journal entries.

Sample Solution