A New Look at Old Southeast Asia

Reading Guide:
A New Look at Old Southeast Asia
Craig J. Reynolds

1. What is the SEA cultural matrix (what different cultural influences are evident)?

2. What are two indigenous state forms mentioned in the article?

3. What are the features of the state as Negara?

4. Which empire that we have studied would exemplify the notion of “state-as-mandala,” and why?

5. What is the SEA notion of charisma?

6. Why does the author claim that in order to understand Southeast Asian history we should NOT ignore the influences of outside cultures such as India or China?

Reading Guide:
Looking at Southeast Asian History
D.G. E. Hall

1. What are some of the main cultural divisions in Southeast Asia (SEA)?

2. What early empire is credited with bringing Indian culture into SEA?

3. What are the four Theravada Buddhist Kingdoms?

4. Why did SEA rulers import Indian culture?

5. Who is the Maharaj and what did he represent?

6. Where did Islam make its first impact in SEA and where did the missionaries come from that brought it?

7. What is distinctive about Chinese concerns in SEA?































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