A relationship analysis

Select one relationship in your life and analyze that relationship. The relationship can be past, present, or future and can be with one person or with a group, such as family, roommates, etc…. Analysis means to explore the relationship through the lenses of the concepts we have been learning in class. Identify and discuss in depth the intentions, motivations, and expectations of each person in the relationship. For instance, you may analyze your relationship with an “Ex” and discover that when your “ex” would act out and call you names that you believed it was because of something “stupid” that you did. Now you understand that this person harbored deep feelings of inferiority, employed cognitive distortions, came from an abusive family and had little sense of social interest. You would analyze each concept as it applies and give examples to demonstrate the depth of the dysfunction. You may also provide analysis of positive behaviors such as contribution and cooperation.

Sample Solution