A research related to a media article .

Read and analyse the Sydney Morning Herald article titled “Losing our way: How the cult of the KPI has damaged our moral compass” by A. Patty, June 15 2018: https://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace/losing-our-way-how-the-cult-of-the-kpi-has-damaged- our-moral-compass-20180612-p4z129.html Discuss the implications of the article for the design and use of management controls in an organisation. Do you believe KPIs should be used in an organisation? Explain your reasons. The article includes several recommendations for how the use of KPIs can be improved. Choose ONE of these. Using the University of Sydney library database and/or eJournals, provide a literature review of what research has found regarding your chosen area. Based on that review, provide FIVE reasoned arguments for the potential benefits and/or limitations facing practitioners who decide to act on that chosen recommendation. Your group assignment is subject to the following controls: 1. A 2500-word limit: 2. Adhere to the Business School referencing and submission guidelines (please refer to the Unit Outline and the Submitting Assignments section on Canvas); 3. Must cite only sources obtained from the University library database and/or eJournals; 4. Must cite at least three refereed research articles (as a minimum); 5. Must cite at least one research article from one of the following journals: Accounting, Organizations and Society; Contemporary Accounting Research; Management Accounting Research; or Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Journal of Accounting Research; The Accounting Review. ).7TH APRIL 2019 – Notepad I

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