A short essay about data privacy

Think through the reading on privacy. Both the MK book and articles focus on issues around anomization. Think about the Netflix prize and Geo-location data obtained by the NYT. How important do you think high quality anonymization is going to be to the future of Big Data for use by researchers, industry and government? Do you think there are cases where actors like the government should be able to pierce privacy? Think about how much you value privacy when answering the above questions, contextualize it for your own life.

300 to 500 word essay

reading materirals: https://www.nytimes.com/series/new-york-times-privacy-project
02 Week – All This Dystopia and for What.pdf
02 Week – To Reduce Privacy Risks the Census.pdf
02 Week – Robust De-anonymization of Large Datasets.pdf
02 Week – What Is End-to-End Encryption.pdf
02 Week – Child-Welfare Activists Attack.pdf

Sample Solution