A story about yourself

Write about a meaningful event in your life. Tell a story about yourself that helps to explain a little about who you are today. You may write about anything

you wish—a happy event, a sad one, a recent experience or one of your very first memories. It’s completely up to you! But there are a couple things I’d like

for you to keep in mind as you begin to think about this assignment. First, consider your audience. At this point in the semester, we’re all still getting to

know each other, so you may be a bit hesitant to tell certain stories about yourself to almost complete strangers. While you should not feel the need to edit

or censor yourself, please do consider what you want us (your classmates and me) to know about you at this stage in the game. Second, be sure your essay has a

purpose. It’s important that you tell a good story, but there has to be a “so what” about that story. Think about how the story you choose to tell fits into

the bigger picture of who you are. How has this event shaped you or taught you a lesson? What do you want your readers to come away thinking or feeling?

Answering these questions as you brainstorm will help you shape your purpose.

Your narrative/personal experience essay should be about a page in length. Please try to fill nearly the entire page, and also please try not to go over a

page. Choose a story that you can tell in that amount of space. Since you are writing about yourself, this essay requires no outside research.

The peer review draft is worth 10 points towards the overall assignment grade. We will collaborate on this draft in small groups in class and it may be

handwritten, but only if your writing is neat enough for your classmates to decipher. The first draft, which is submitted to me, MUST be typed and double

spaced. It is worth 20 points towards your overall grade. The final draft must also be typed and double spaced, and it is worth 70 points towards your overall

grade. The due dates for this assignment can be found on the course schedule pages of the syllabus.

Sample Solution