A Study of Operations Supply Chain Management (OPSCM) in the Medical Field.

Research Section 2 of the Term Paper: If you are researching an organization or industry, then what are
the major OPSCM requirements, challenges, and issues? If you are researching a topic of interest, then what
are the major OPSCM applications, relevance, and issues? Why is this topic significant to current and future
OPSCM? This is the research portion of the paper so use multiple resources and cite them correctly.
Begin creation of the final Term Paper due in Wk#8: This is the final paper including the ‘Overview’ and
‘Research’ sections, done previously, and adds a ‘Findings and Conclusion” section with your thoughts about
what you learned. If your subject was an organization or industry, report how the GSCM requirements and
challenges, identified in the Research Report, can be met with practices, technology, and design information
from the course content and the major opportunities for improvement. If your subject was a topic of interest,
report on its major benefits, opportunities in GSCM and how this topic will impact future operations.
Include a cover sheet and an executive summary of 1/2 ss page immediately under the cover to summarize the
entire paper including the key recommendations. A table of contents is optional. Put the list of references used
in an attachment along with any large graphics or tables. (Min length of the final paper content sections 1-3 is 3
single space pages for an individual paper or 5 ss pages for a group paper as follows: 1) Overview > 0.5 ss pg,
2) Research Findings > 1.5 ss pg, 3) Findings & Conclusions > 1.0 ss pg)

Sample Solution