A Tuna Christmas

Review/critique on the theater production Tuna Christmas” Link part one: httpsiNimeo.com/140714368 Password: will be available for the assigned writer only Link part two: https://vimeo.con1140714942 Password: will be available for the assigned writer only Please answer the following questions: 1. What is the title and playwright’s name for your play? 2. What genre or type of play did you see (i.e. comedy, tragedy. drama, musical, et al.)? 3. Describe the plot. What happens in the play? What is the problem and how was it resolved? Did you like the way the play progressed? Was there anything about the action that bothered you? 4. Choose one actor/character and describe their performance. Did they make you believe they were that tharacter? Was their language consistent? 5. Describe how the actors as a group (ensemble) added or detracted from the ‘reality” of the performance. 6. What was the theme or moral of the story? 7. Describe how the visual (seen) and aural (sound) elements of the play (i.e. set, costumes, lights. sound) added or detracted from the performance. If you are reading a play what do you see as their set and costumes. Was there any information in the script that told you what the space should look like? 8. What did you like and dislike about the production. i.e. acting, story line, what the actors said, etc. 9. Would you recommend to a friend that they should see this play/ensemble performance? Why or why not?

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