A World without Plastic

A. Motivation of this research:
Living near the Atlantic Ocean, you visit the beach and notice the mess of trash along the coastline. Most of the trash is nonbiodegradable plastics that is seen as food to surrounding wildlife. One of the most widely used plastic items are single use plastics, like drinking straws and cutlery. A straw is a single use plastic item that can easily be swapped out for an alternative method of drinking and eating. Companies, elected government officials, and consumers are to blame for the increase dependency of single use plastic and need to be held accountable.

B. Research question and objectives
What are the main factors contributing to single use plastic dependency and their effects on the environment?
To assess the contributing factors that make consumers lean toward single use plastic items.
To identify alternative items for consumers to use in place of plastic items.
To assess the reasons companies, produce single use plastic items for consumers.
To examine the effect on the environment that single use plastic bring.

Sample Solution