Abraham Maslow and Douglas McGregor

Answer the questions and please only use the sources from my reading. and use some quotes from it

  1. Abraham Maslow a. What are the five needs, in order by level, of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
    b. What does Maslow mean when he states these needs form a -hierarchy of prepotency?” Does Maslow propose that level one needs always “trump” level two needs? If so, do you agree? If not, what does the idea of prepotency mean?
  2. Douglas McGregor a. What is the theory X view of human nature? Accordingly, how can people be motivated to work? What management theories have we discussed to date in this course that McGregor would identify as theory X?
    b. What is the theory Y view of human nature? How can people be motivated to work in an era of affluence according to theory Y?

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