“Active Parenting of Teens.”

Read pages 111- 132 in our workbook “Active Parenting of Teens.” Watch Active Parenting Videos:
Session 4: Video 1: Courage, Self Esteem, and The Think-Feel-Do Cycle (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. A. Describe the Failure Cycle and B. Describe how parent’s encouragement affects the “Think-Feel-Do cycle.”
In at least 3-4 sentences describe how you think self-esteem and courage are related to positive and negative behavior (see page 114). From pages 119-130 “Active Parenting of Teens,” List the 4 ” Ways We Sometimes Discourage” and the 4 methods of Encouragement (see page 122). Select 1-2 of the Discouraging and 1-2 of the Encouraging methods and describe in detail. In 3-4 sentences describe what you think is the difference between spoiling, responsive parenting, secure attachment, appropriate levels of affection, and bonding (include each of these factors). Of the 5 B’s list, two of which you agree with and two of which you do not think will be or are currently part of your style of parenting. Use 2-3 sentences for each B to describe your reasoning. The 5 B’s from Dr. Sears include Bonding at birth, breastfeeding, wearing baby in sling or carrier, belief that crying is an important signal, and co-sleeping. Go to La Leche League International’s Answers Page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and include at least one quotation from any of the topics/answer sheets from the General Breastfeeding Topics. Do you consider picking up a crying baby as spoiling? (Yes or No and under which circumstances/situations). Relate this aspect to Responsive Parenting and include paraphrased information from our books. In at least 2-3 complete sentences define and describe self-esteem (using information from the textbook as well) and how you felt about yourself when you were a teen. Relate it to the encouragement, secure attachment, and responsive parenting you did or did not receive.



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