write a 1500 word essay in which you discuss the assessment of a
post-operative client (Mrs Grace Potter; see below) and develop a comprehensive care plan
to address the nursing care priorities including ONE priority which is EITHER Postoperative
wound infection OR Post-operative deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

1. Discuss the risk factors and pathophysiology of the chosen health concern for Mrs
Potter. (100 words)
2. List and discuss four (4) components of an initial post-operative assessment you (RN)
would undertake for Mrs Potter. Provide a rationale for each assessment relating to
Mrs Potter’s conditions and justify with evidence-based literature. (300 words)
3. Identify TWO (2) priorities of nursing care to meet Mrs Potter’s needs identified in
your initial post-op assessment. Also provide a rationale for why these are a priority.
One nursing care priority to be discussed must be DVT OR post-operative wound
infection prevention. (50 words each priority)
4. Provide a comprehensive care plan to address the identified TWO (2) nursing care
priorities. Use evidence-based literature to justify why each intervention is likely to
be appropriate for Mrs Potter. (750 words)
5. Use Gibb’s Reflective Cycle as a framework to demonstrate how you would reflect on
the process of managing the chosen post-op potential health concern and what you
have learnt from designing the plan. This section can be written in first person. (100




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