Adaptive sports & recreational activities for individuals with disabilities

When we think about caregiving, we often first focus on the essentials: making sure that the consumer is healthy, eating well, getting enough sleep, and taking medications properly. But as we know, a full life is made up of more than just these basics. Recreation and socialization add meaning and richness to everyone’s life. Effective, quality caregiving means going beyond this list and finding fun opportunities for your loved one to engage in. For individuals with physical and developmental disabilities (as well as people with brain injuries), it is especially important to find safe, comfortable and fun activities in the community
Include the following:

  1. Introduction– Summary from books or articles about the activity
  2. Who invented or adapted the activity?
  3. Indicate who can participate? (age, disability, etc)
  4. Where this activity is offered (city, state, country, community)
  5. What information was new to you or reinforced?
  6. Is this activity inclusive and offered locally?
  7. How can you use this information in the future?
  8. What are the potential benefits for a person participating in this activity?
  9. Are there any negative aspects to participating in this activity (cost, travel, special equipment…)?
  10. Reference or Works Cited

Sample Solution