Administrative Law – Presentation Law

Assignment Scenario

As a service to the legal community, Kelly & Associates, LLP periodically provides legal training on various topics for the state Bar Association. The law firm has been asked to give a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentation at the upcoming Young Lawyers Forum on the topic of “Administrative Agencies and the 21st Century.” The managing partner, Kathleen Kelly, has asked you to represent the firm, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation addressing this topic.

Assignment Instructions

In addition to directing you to prepare a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation on the topic of “Administrative Agencies and the 21st Century,” Attorney Kelly has suggested you to review chapters 5 and 6 from the textbook. Further, she has asked that you address, at a minimum, the following issues:

The types of authority delegated by Congress to an agency, and the common ways in which delegated authority can violate the Constitution.
The intelligible principle and nondelegation doctrine, demonstrating its application by examining Touby v. the United States, 500 U.S. 160 (1991)
As you examine Touby, discusses how patterns of human behavior (i.e. concerns for the public’s health and safety, the significance of drug abuse, etc.) influenced the Court’s decision.
The three types of rulemaking, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Sample Solution