Admission to Master’s in Business Administration with Accounting emphasis

You want to convince the graduate application review committee that you have what it takes to be successful in our program.
Demonstrate that you can be both a good follower and a leader. Followers are able to take direction and handle criticism well, while leaders can work independently and guide others. You will do both while in graduate school.
Discuss your motivation (why do you want to go to graduate school?)
Demonstrate your familiarity with our program. This requires that you research our faculty, our program, and our institution. How does what we offer fit in with your personal academic and/or professional goals?
You will want to prove to committee members that you will be successful and that you will complete the program on time. What experiences or skills have you acquired while pursuing your undergraduate degree or in your current or past employment that you believe will help you as you pursue a graduate degree?
It should include why you want to study the specific area that interests you,
what you will do with your degree once obtained,
why you think the specific area is important, and reasons you think you should be admitted (what strengths do you bring to the program).


Sample Solution