Adolescent Sexuality

What are your thoughts on teen sexuality? Is sexual debut/activity a normal part of development for some adolescents? Or should it, at this age, always be considered a risky problem behavior and thus be discouraged?
Do you favor abstinence-only sex education for teens, or do you think comprehensive sex education that includes information about contraception, birth control, STD-prevention, etc. is more appropriate? Why? What evidence supports your view?
In the video program, both Dr. Sommers-Flanagan and the teens from Trapper Creek indicate that parents often hesitate or wait too long to talk to their kids about sex. When do you think adults should start educating young people about sex? Is it solely the parents’ responsibility, or should school leaders or other professionals who work with adolescents take the initiative?
With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion

By Day 3
Post a description of your perspective on adolescent sexuality, specifically the degree to which you consider it part of development and the degree to which you consider it a problem behavior. In addition, explain your stance on sex education, including if you favor abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education programs for adolescents, and why. Finally, explain when and where you think teens should first start being educated about sex—by parents in homes, by teachers in schools, etc. Be sure to use the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

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