Advanced Clinical Decision Making

Write a 1000 word essay that applies the first seven stages of the clinical reasoning cycle
(Levett-Jones et al., 2010) to a clinical decision that you have been involved with during a
Bachelor of Nursing clinical placement. The clinical decision you select can be a decision
that went well or one with a negative outcome. You only need to review and describe one
example of a clinical decision.
Examples of clinical decisions may include (but are not limited to):
• Responding to a change in the patient’s condition
• Care planning considering the patient’s present health status
• Reviewing planned patient interventions including medications
• Outcome from effective or ineffective communication
• Discharge planning
In your essay you must:
1) Provide a clear description of the clinical decision making process using the first
seven of the eight stages of the clinical reasoning cycle (Levett-Jones, 2010).
2) Use literature where relevant to support the key points you make to demonstrate
evidence based practice.

Sample Solution