Advanced Procedure Paper and Presentation

Drawing from available literature, references, and examples previously completed in one of the imaging clinics, a procedure summary will be prepared by the student outlining an assigned nuclear medicine advanced imaging study.
Minimum requirements for the discussion include the following:
-What is the pharmaceutical(s) names, route, timing and doses, as well as their mechanism of localization?
-Are there any concerns, special handling issues, or supply issues with the pharmaceuticals used for this exam?
-What are the clinical indications for doing the exam?
-What are the contraindications for doing the exam?
-Are there any special considerations or warning about doing the exam?
-Is there any special information, other exams, or history needed before you perform this exam?
-What is the patient preparation for this exam?
-Does this exam involve any other pharmaceutical or medical interventions?
-How is the exam performed? What type of camera and imaging – planar, SPECT, PET, whole body, dynamic, static?

Sample Solution