Advanced statistic


The subject is Statistic .The second assignment is a writing assignment is based on the independent-samples and dependent-sample t-test results found on pages 49-51 in the N216 output for Second Class Session Course Materials. Write up the results of each of the three sets of analyses as for a journal article providing an introduction to the study with

  1. the context for the study, purpose, and research questions,
  2. demographic data presented in a table and summarized in the text,

3.results presented in a table and summarized in the text,

  1. discussion of the results including assumptions for the statistical tests, practical importance, and conclusions.

5.Include a graph or figure you can paste it in. Note: boxplots are provided in the N216 output that you can use,

Use modified APA style to write up these results. Purdue OWLS site is a writing lab that has a section on writing with statistics.

Sample Solution