Adverse drug event that all nurses should be concerned about

Summarize an adverse drug event that all nurses should be concerned about. Choose a drug that is important to YOU. For example, some students select Pitocin, while some students select hydromorphone or insulin. Be sure you provide the following information in your paper: 1. Does the Adverse Drug Event (ADE) occur due to route, time, dosage, storage, look alike sound alike error? 2. Provide statistics regarding this ADE. 3. What are some methods that can be implemented to prevent this ADE? 4. If you worked in Risk 10anagement, would you choose to do a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) or a Failure Modes Effects Analysis and explain your rationale? 5. If you were forming a patient safety team as a leader of an FMEA, what healthcare disciplines would you place on your team and why?

Sample Solution