Advertising issues of style, form and signification

‘Advertising’, writes Rosalind Gill, ‘simultaneously uses, incorporates, revises, attacks and depoliticizes feminist themes and ideas’ (2007, 90). How does Urban Decay’s 2019 ad ‘Pretty Different and the Global UD Citizens’ (1:00) engage with such themes and ideas?
Your essay must:
• Demonstrate your ability to conduct rigorous close analysis, using critical tools and theory introduced during the course
• Reference at least THREE scholarly sources (these may include academic books, book chapters and journal articles, but not videos, blogs, news items, Wikipedia entries or similar non-academic resources). You may count required and supplementary readings towards this quota, provided that they are relevant to the question you are answering.
The grade you receive for this assignment will depend on how well you:
• construct a persuasive textual analysis of your chosen advertisement, dealing in detail with issues of style, form and signification
• analyse your chosen advertisement in relation to core themes/issues, drawing on concepts discussed within the course
• structure your ideas effectively, producing a coherent argument with a well-defined introduction and conclusion
• write clearly and concisely, observing grammatical rules and correct formatting (12-point plain font, with 1.5 line spacing)

Sample Solution