Advertising techniques

As technology continues to develop, so too do advertising techniques. With advertisements now appearing in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, in TV, radio and films, and on the internet and social media sites, it is estimated that the average person views up to 3000 advertising messages each day. From the obvious to the subliminal, it is clear that advertising is a powerful tool in reflecting and shaping social attitudes, values and beliefs.
The Cannes Lions’ International Festival is a global meeting place for industry leaders to discuss, debate and celebrate creativity through advertising. This year, the festival is inviting guest speakers to take part in a seminar titled Advertising and Social Realities. As a chosen speaker for the seminar, you have been requested to present a response to the following brief:

Analyse the ways a particular aspect of contemporary society is represented in advertising and the possible effects on readers and viewers. Focus areas could include:
– Gender – Childhood gender roles
– Masculinity – Sexualisation of women
– Relationships – Gendering of products
– Body image – Family roles (e.g. motherhood and/or fatherhood)
– Women/men in sport – Infantilisation/objectification of women
– Sexuality – Age and ageing




Sample Solution