African American

You are to focus on one of the following ethnic groups from the Sue and Sue text (African Americans, Latinos, Jewish Americans, Native Americans, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Middle Eastern Americans) and prepare a PowerPoint with 15 minute audio on the following aspects:

The immigration history of this group
Cultural values, norms and traditions that influence the development of the individual within the family or affect family dynamics.
Historical issues and their impact on members of the group
World view including Communication patterns and typical family structure
A common social justice/advocacy issue that one might encounter when working with this group. Include ideas or strategies as to how one might be an advocate in regards to this issue.
Identity models and theories as they pertain to this group
Clinical applications – how these ideas affect practice of psychotherapy within this group
Find local resources that service this population.
You will need to scout this out on your own. I strongly recommend that you make contact with someone in the agency to find out the nature and extent of the services offered to this population. You might also consider interviewing a person of this cultural group about their experiences with the counseling or mental health system and their group’s perceptions of the mental health system.

Sample Solution