Agoda-People Analytics and Business Culture

After carefully reading and reflecting on the case, students are required to answer the following

  1. Carefully identify and summarize the major players and events that are presented in the case.
    Identify and summarize the fundamental issues, challenges, and problems in the case and briefly
    frame the challenge/problem at Agoda (in the form of a question). (20% – 400 words maximum)
  2. What is Allen’s personal challenge at Agoda? How would you characterize Agoda’s work culture?
    (20% – 400 words maximum)
  3. Analyze the potential of the proposed data management tools. How will they improve the way
    talent is managed? Are there drawbacks? (20% – 400 words maximum)
  4. Based on a careful review of course readings, what other data-driven people insights could be
    helpful to Agoda? What data would be needed, and how would it be collected, and presented?
    (20% – 400 words maximum)
  5. What are Allen’s key issues going forward and what advice would you offer him? (20% – 400
    words maximum)

Sample Solution