Agreement and Tension

I. Find something in the world around us today that draws your attention separately to design (and/or materials) and content/function.* In making your selection, think about the effect that this bifurcating of attention has on you. For example, you might ask yourself, does the design (and/or materials) enhance your awareness of representational content or function? Or, you might ask yourself, does design (and/or materials) disrupt or compete with representational content or function? We have looked at several instances in paintings and relief sculpture of both situations, but similar examples can be found in works of fashion design, industrial design, product design, photography and film, animation, graphic design, etc. So, feel free to select something in any area of design that appeals to you, whether in your own area of practice or some other.

II. Describe how the designer of your selection directs your attention separately to design (and/or materials) and content/function.

III. Of the two boards for Form and Content, what work (or works) most closely approximates the way that your selection directs your attention? How is it (or, are they) similar? (Reminder, the two
boards are Module 5: Form and Content I – Agreement; and Module 8: Form and Content II – Tensions.)

For the purposes of this assignment, “content/function” maybe representational content, as in the case of paintings and other non-utilitarian arts, or the functioning of something, as in the case of, say, industrial and product design.

Sample Solution