Aldehyde/Ketone Chemistry

Choose 1 of the following reactions. Shown the mechanism and a little information about the reaction. Choose
which ever is the best for you and easy to find good information.
Formation of Grignard, Organolithium, Gilman Reagents
Nucleophilic and Nucleophilic Addition Reaction chemistry of Grignard, Organolithium and Gilman Reagents
and other C Nuclephiles (15.1B, 15.1C,15.2B, 16.5A, 16.5B, 16.5C, 16.5D )
Simmons-Smith Reaction
Wittig Reaction
Horner-Emmons-Wadsworth Modification of the Wittig Reaction
Addition of Alcohols to form Hemiacetals and Acetals
Addition of Amines to form Imines
Addition of Amines to form Enamines
Addition of Hydrazine and its derivatives and Wolff-Kishner Reduction
Oxidation of an Aldehyde with Chromic Acid, Tollens’ reagent and Pinnick conditions
Catalytic Reduction and Metal Hydride Reduction
Reductive Amination (16.11D)
Clemmensen Reduction
Keto-Enol Tautomerism summary and its use in halogenation at the alpha carbon