A primary technique for deeper analysis of an organization is Porter’s Five Forces Model. This technique is often used when looking at your competitive advantage. Looking at your competitive advantage is important to aligning your operational needs with your business strategies.
Review sources on your company and use the University Library Resources for additional guidance.
Write a 700- to 1,050- word proposal to the company of your plan to align the operational needs with business strategies based on your analysis. Include the following in your proposal:
An analysis of the company based on Porter’s Five Forces
An analysis of the effectiveness of the leadership model the company is currently using
Consider the current leadership style or styles in place at the company.
Determine the effectiveness of the leadership style/s and whether an alternative style/s would be more impactful.
Assess how to determine effective leadership. What makes a leader effective or ineffective?
Consider sources of managerial power when leaders are effective.
Recommendation for the following actions:
Leadership model changes
2- to 3- actions needed to align operational needs with business strategies identified in Week 1

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