All the President’s Men (1976)

  1. Review the tutorial on “How to Write a Movie Review” on Wikihow. This is a simple, step-by-step tutorial
    that will guide you in building your paper. The tutorial can be found at http:/
    Movie-Review .
  2. Write a film review for your chosen film. The review should be at least two full double-spaced pages (not
    including the title page), but not more than three pages. Consider the following guidelines as you write your
  • Your review should follow the following components from the tutorial:
    ¢ Start with a compelling fact or opinion about the movie .
    ¢ Give a clear, well-established opinion early on “
    ¢ Back up your opinion with specific evidence
  • Move beyond the obvious piot analysis (do NOT give a lengthy synopsis of the plot — points will be
    deducted if you do this. A short summary of 2-3 sentences is all that is needed.)
    ¢ Bring your review full-circle in the ending
    ¢ You can reference other reviewers in your review IF YOU PROVIDE A CITATION.

Sample Solution