Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. Please choose ONE(1) of the following as your end-of-semester essay topic. (a) How Alternative Dispute Resolution has affected the access to justice in Australia OR; (b) Please evaluate ‘party self-determination’ in ADR processes OR; (c) Please evaluate the confidentiality in the mediation process OR (d) Please evaluate the idea of incorporating dispute resolution processes into criminal justice system OR; (e) Please evaluate the growing use of alternative dispute resolution in Australian court system OR; (f) The Impact of gender on negotiation.
  2. The word limit is 1,000, excluding footnotes and bibliography.
  3. Please refer to the AGLC for the referencing style.
  4. Marking guidelines (The following is helpful to students’ preparation for the written work) ‘Capacity to locate and use primary and secondary sources on the topic effectively and efficiently. High quality essays will evidence a systematic study of appropriate academic sources. ‘Capacity to develop and sustain sophisticated arguments in response to the set topic. High quality essays will include analysis of the relevant sources, alongside independent critique. * Developing capacity to contribute to the maintenance and reform of the legal system, by critically engaging with the current state of ADR and the potential for law reform in this area. *Quality of written expression. High quality essays will be clearly written and structured, concise, and persuasive.

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