Amazon Drone System.

Research the selected system (Amazon Drone system) with a focus on its system integration process and verification, validation, and testing (VVT). In particular, describe how the system was subject to integration and VVT as per our course goals (below). You should discuss each goal in a separate section of the paper, clearly indicating the goal you are discussing. If the system did not satisfy a goal (e.g., requirements for system functional and environmental test facilities and equipment were not identified), explain why it did not and any consequences.
Week 4:
• Examine system verification and validation.
• Examine the preparation of VVT products and those activities for VVT that do not involve conventional testing.
• Evaluate alternative hardware and software testing methodologies to verify system compliance with physical, functional, and other requirements.

Below are references to use:
1) Amazon Prime Air:

2) How Drones work:

3) Drone Integration:

4) Unmanned air craft system integration:

Sample Solution