The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution were created to protect citizens from injustices in criminal processing. These provisions in the Bill of Rights have led to changes in the criminal justice system, as well as controversy over how the amendments have been interpreted.
1. Choose one amendment (Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or Eighth). Define what rights that amendment guarantees, and how the criminal justice system addresses those rights. Example: The Fifth Amendment guarantees the right against self-incrimination. Police are required to read Miranda Rights to individuals; informing them they have the right to an attorney or to remain silent. 2. Then, describe how this amendment can create controversy or ethical issues in the criminal justice system, either for the offender, the victim, the police, or the court system. 3. Finally, find an article or story that explains a situation where this amendment was involved. Describe the event and how it is related to the amendment. Attach a copy of the article (or a link) to your assignment. Example: If I was using the Fifth Amendment I might find a newspaper article about a burglar whose case was thrown out of court because an officer neglected to read him his Miranda Rights.




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