American History

1.During the 20th century there have been numerous attempts to reform American society. Select TWO of the following reform eras: Progressive Era, New Deal Era or Great Society era. Compare and contrast two reform movement’s specific goals and objectives. What were their accomplishments, shortcomings and failures? Provide specific examples. Which reform movement was more successful? Why?

2.Defend or refute the following Statement: “Between 1945 and 2012 the United States was an imperialist country determined to crush any resistance to its desire to obtain American economic, political, and strategic hegemony worldwide.” Discuss specific historical examples to support or challenge this claim by “Radical” historians.

3.Compare and contrast the domestic and foreign policy goals during the reign of TWO American presidents (1920-2012) Which president was more successful in obtaining their specific domestic and foreign policy goals? Why? Provide specific historical examples.

4.Defend or refute the following statement: “By 2012 American women and racial and ethnic minorities essentially FAILED to achieve their specific goals focusing on empowerment and greater opportunities for themselves.” Defend or refute this statement by examining the goals, methods, and results of THREE social groups between 1950-2012. Provide specific examples.

5.How has organized protest or rebellion been part of U. S. life and politics between 1900-2012? Compare and contrast the efforts of THREE of the following: of labor, individual-rights, peace and environmental activists and provide specific historical examples of their methods of protest and results of their protests.

6.What impact did specific Supreme Court decisions have on American society between 1920-2012? Briefly discuss background on Three to Four specific cases and analyze the impact these cases had on the economy, politics, and social/race relations. Which Supreme Court Case do you believe had the biggest impact on American society between 1920-2012? Why? Material for this question can be found at internet sources that provide a summary and results of the cases.

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