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The Klansman Manuel is what peaked my interest because as horrible as they were/are, some of their principles or ideas were really good ones and who wouldn’t want to be a part of a brotherhood such as this? For example, take the Beneficient and the Protective provisions in the manual, they were supposed to emulate and take on the character of Christ and be of service to those who were suffering, those who were oppressed and needed assistance, taking care of the widows and the poor. Our text states “The movement accepts the full Christian program of unselfish helpfulness, and will seek to carry it on in the manner commanded by the one Christ Jesus.” This is clearly not what they stood for, sure it looked good on paper and they talked a good talk, but they used Christ as a front for their own agenda and that was to terrorize and torture people of other races, mostly black people. Protecting the home, making it a stable place, and keeping it safe is what all men wanted, however, they only wanted it for themselves and they had an organization that would ensure that they had it. A black man’s home was regularly broken into and he was regularly taken away from his family and killed because they were considered savages and all they wanted was what the KKK wanted for their families. These provisions sounded great in the 1920’s and they sound great now, however, it is a long way from what Jesus has commanded.

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I will be discussing Gradys thoughts on the south. Grady started his article off declaring the confederate south as dead but in the hearts and minds it still lives on today. Grady explained that the South had placed all thier cards on slavery and agriculture not seeing that there wasnt any amount of growth down that road. Grady poetically described the new south in a new light an discussed how they could grow from the struggles and strife of the Civil War.Grady also wrote to the president showing him how the blood of his American brothers had ben spilt for his victory and that the land was still sacred to the southerners and was rich with memories. The Civil War was one of the countries most divided times and the end marked a very difficult time to rebuild the relationship between the North and South and to repair all the damages. Their was also protecting the rights of all the newly freed slaves and the Ratification of three new amendments to the constitution. It took years to rebuild the damages of the Civil war both physical and in the hearts and minds of many southerners.

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