American history

Read the first nine pages of the introduction to Interpretations of American History, edited by Francis G.
Couvares, et al. and then describe and analyze in two to three double -spaced pages, the four different stages
that shaped the writing of American History over the last 400 years. Include in your discussion specific
references to the important people, and ideologies while citing your page references according to the MLA
format.The four key terms are first introduced on Page 4 with the paragraph that begins with…Broadly
Some hints provided by the professor:
A few hints:1.) Mention the author and book title in italics in your intro.2.) You should have about six
paragraphs – intro, four stages of history, conclusion.3.) The four stages are providential, rational, national, and
professional/progressive.4.) Make sure you cite in the text via MLA style (Couvares 4-5).5.) Paraphrasing is
better than simply quoting Couvares directly. 6.) Do not skip over the first three pages. Rather, add a quote or
two that stood out to you and use this in the intro.7.) Try to work in the two vocabulary words in this week’s
module into your paper – historiography and ethnography.8.) Proofread – grammar does matter.

Sample Solution