Briefly summarize the content of the film and explain its historical context. What is the history being told? Why is it being told? Please do not try to recap the entire film. Just give the main idea of the film and its historical context. You should be able to do this in one paragraph.

present your argument about whether you think this film is a good representation of history. Explain briefly in a sentence or two what you feel compares well to the text or what does not. In other words, you will be previewing the argument you will present in the next section.

Second, discuss the film in relevance to the textbook and discussions. How well did the film represent the material? Keep in mind there are often not direct relationships between the text and the film. For example, if the film is about a specific person, the text may not cover that person’s biography in detail, but I choose the films as much for the way they represent history visually as much as literally. In other words, what goes on in the background of the film can be as important as what is right up front. Visuals of dress, social attitudes, economic conditions, etc. all can be portrayed clearly without it being the main focus of the film. If you have questions about making comparisons, please do not hesitate to ask. Choose two issues in the text that were portrayed with historical accuracy in the film and explain why. Also choose one issue in the text that you feel was portrayed inaccurately in the film. Again, be sure to explain why. You can do more or less, but be sure to compare three specific issues at the least. Outside sources, i.e. internet discussions of the film, should not be used without permission.

discuss the value of the film. Was it helpful to you personally in explaining the time period or event in question? Knowing what you know about the subject of the film, would you recommend the film to others interested in the topic? Explain why or why not. Do not suggest that you would not recommend the film because it is a “chick flick” or that because you just did not like the movie. The recommendation should be based on whether or not the film helped further your learning about history.

Rosewood – A dramatization of a horrific racist lynch mob attack on an African American community in 1923. A black town in Florida was burned to the ground, its people murdered because of a lie. Some escaped and survived because of the courage and compassion of a few extraordinary people.



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