American revolution

Answer the following question with a minimum of 250 words. Be sure to cite from the Davidson text, lecture, and primary sources in your answer. After you post your answer, be sure to respond to at least two other students. In the discussion boards, the best answers will provide references to several different sources, as well as consider all sides of a given question.
Evaluate whether or not the American Revolution was a “radical° event. Your answer should first define what the word radical means to you and then explain the arguments for or against the idea of the Revolution as radical. Your answer needs to evaluate the political aspects of the Revolution, as well as social or cultural aspects (for example, ideas about gender or race).
I am going to provide you three things to read and answer the above questions based on those readings. 1. Davidson book- Author: James West Davidson Name of the book: A Little History of the United States

  1. Primary source- Author would be my instructor: William Weeks 3. Lecture- Author would be my instructor: William Weeks

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