America’s involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Select a current event in American society and write a five-six (5) page research paper explaining the event and its historical context. The aim of this essay is for the student to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary America and be able to interpret current events based on their understanding of the past.
TOPIC: You may choose any major event that is ongoing in American society or in the very recent past. For example, the debate over the Affordable Care Act is acceptable; the Civil Rights Movement is not. The selected event should be controversial, and you must be able to relate its significance to broader ideas within American History. Connecting the event to themes discussed directly in the cases we have covered in class is preferred.
RESEARCH: For this paper you should do extensive research to understand both the current event and the controversy surrounding it, and also the historical context that makes it relevant. To that end your final paper should include a minimum of the following sources:

  1. 7 current news articles covering the events you are researching.
    a. These articles should be from a variety of news sources and from a variety of perspectives.
    b. You may not have more than two articles from the same publications.
    c. These may include a long-form audio or visual source such as NPR, 60 Minutes, or a documentary
  2. 2 secondary sources related to the historical context of the events you are researching.
    a. These should be books found in the library or classroom, online reference sources are not appropriate.
  3. 1 scholarly journal article relating to either the current event itself or its historical context.

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