An Inquiry/Request letter

Write an Inquiry/Request letter to the chairperson of a local IEEE chapter or affinity group. Choose ONE of the
three topics below for your letter:

  1. An informational interview
  2. Information about the activities of the chapter or affinity group for a research project
  3. A class visit (consider ETCS 105 or 108) by a member of the chapter/group to explain the relevance of IEEE
    to young Engineering professionals
    Your letter must contain specific details or questions. In order to write this letter, you should become
    acquainted with the IEEE website
    (Links to an external site.). Find The IEEE Regional World Map. From there, you should be able to find
    relevant local chapters (NYC or Long Island), the names of chapter or group chairs, and information that will
    help you write your letter.
    The text of your letter should be approximately 100-150 words long. The letter itself should be no more than a
    page, including all parts or “components.”
    To compose your letter, use the writing process outlined in Characteristics of Technical Writing. Use the
    formatting information in the Common Components section (see previous page in this module) so that your
    letter illustrates the major components: heading, inside address, salutation, body, complimentary close, and
    signature block. Format your letter in “block” style (again see the linked information on the previous page). For
    the “inside address,” use the IEEE corporate headquarters address: 3 Park Ave 17th Floor, New York, NY

Sample Solution