An intro to safety

Step One. Access the U.S. Government Sites
Step Two: .Search Within The Sites For Material Related To These Topics: 1. Consumer Product Safety: 2. Workplace Safety: and 3. Home Safety: and 4.
Automotive Vehicle Safety: 5. Ergonomics: 6. Human Built Environment Interfacing:
and 7. Safety Throughout Our Lifespan: and and and

  1. Why Safety Is An Attitude: and and and and Step Three: Carefully
    Review Models And Related Materials And Choose Three Models With Good And Interesting Content.
    Step Four: Cut And Paste The Three Models You Chose, Preferable, One Model Per Page, Then, At Either
    The Top Or Bottom Of The Page, Discuss Why You Like Your Chosen Model. Do This For Each Model.
    Step Five: Design And Create A Safety Model Using Information Derived From Material Reviewed.

Sample Solution