Ana Mendieta

Research about: Ana Mendieta

Present and give in-depth detail about 1 of his or her works that you think best represent the artist’s style. Discuss the following as you address the work of art

The general content of the artist’s work.

What message(s) does he or she try to convey with his/her work?

What particular motivations are behind the message(s) (social, political, etc.)? 3. Give some in-depth details during this part of your paper.

How does the work connect to the culture/ politics of that country, to the artist’s personal experiences, etc.?

5.What are the stylistic characteristics of the artist’s work?

  1. How they connect (or don’t connect) to past artistic traditions in that particular region. (Provide examples)

.How they connect (or don’t connect) to artistic traditions in Europe and/or America. (Provide examples).

Finally, is the artist’s work typical of modern/ contemporary art in that region? Compare to one or two other artists from around the same time? Give a couple of examples that support your argument and make visual comparisons with them.



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