Analysis and User Research on ZOMATO APP

Perform a competitive analysis and user research on a
mobile application

Part 1: Competitive analysis
Start here by introducing and discussing the application that you will be studying. This part
should contain these sections:
1) Who are the intended users?
Provide a list of user groups that you think is being serviced by the goal project or
the main application you have chosen to analyse. Furnish each group with a
description and a set of with attributes. Look at similar applications to get an idea of
who is the audience for this product.
RMIT COSC2628 User-centred Design William Lim
2) Who are the main competitors on the market?
Define what the main competitors or similar applications out there are that should
be considered. You could look for applications that are used in other tertiary
education institutions or even one that has a broader target audience. Why did you
choose these applications? Compare at least three.
3) What are the main tasks that the users are expected to accomplish in these
Define the main purpose of one of the applications. What sort of tasks are expected
to be accomplished with it? Discuss how the tasks are helped or hindered by the
application. You can list down the tasks. Provide screenshots.
4) Analyse one application based on user interface guidelines such as Krug’s or
Nielsen’s usability guidelines and heuristics.
Now that you understand clearly what the application is supposed to do, and who
are the users, discuss if the application is user friendly based on principles raised in
classes and lectures. List down the problems that your team concluded that will
present significant issues to the user in terms of achieving the goals of the task. You
should include screenshots to support your analysis.

Sample Solution