Analysis of company learning Environment

Technology has transformed organisational learning and development. Learning can now be accessed anytime and anywhere from any device. Companies are investing heavily to develop customized training solutions — with an estimated $356 billion spent in 2015 alone (Beer, Finnstrom, & Shrader, 2016). Yet many programs are not getting a return on investment. Your task is to conduct an analysis of the leaning environment of your organisation (or of an organisation you know well), with a focus on how it uses technology in the development of employees. To provide some context to your analysis please read the two articles: Beer, M, Finnstrom, Id & Schrader, D 2016, Why leadership training fails—and what to do about itOpen this document with Read Speaker docReader’, Harvard Business Review, viewed 10 July 2018.
Cascio, WF 2014, ‘Leveraging employer branding, performance management and human resource development to enhance employee retentionOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReadef, Human Resource Development International, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 121-128.
For this assignment, you are required to:
Provide a brief description of your chosen organisation; Using the articles listed as a springboard to the types of issues encountered in modern training programs, conduct a training needs analysis of your organisation in order to determine a training gap that you could address; Use the hierarchy of learning outcomes to plan and map out the possible leaming strategies that you will adopt in your organisation to address the training gap that you have identified.

Sample Solution