Analysis of WWI Poetry

Select 1 (one) of the assigned poems from the readings, Readings & Video Lectures: Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sassoon
Review the example journal below for formatting, documentation, inclusion of research, thesis statement, and building from the definition of the controlling
idea to analyze the poem in supporting paragraphs
Use assigned research to define the controlling (main) idea = literary theory = as an approach to interpret the poem. Here is a lecture on combat gnosticism
(Links to an external site.) just in case you missed it last week). Although you can use other controlling ideas presented in this week’s readings.
Analyze 1-3 parts of the poem through the controlling (main) idea
The brief analysis should be 1 (one) page, approximately 2-3 paragraphs
Please follow the Guidelines for Writing about Literature
Accurately document the research and poem
APA Style Example Journal: Siegfried Sassoon, Picture show Download Example Journal: Siegfried Sassoon, Picture show (this is not a poem that we
covered, it is only being used as an example)

Sample Solution